Internal Radon Systems

We offer a few options for installing systems internally and take pride in keeping systems hidden inside your home.

Closet Routing

The most practical option is for a system to be routed through closets or garages.

View examples of closet installs

Garage Routing

It is also ideal for a radon system to be routed through a garage. A lot of times an attached garage is accessible from the furnace room, making a great route for a radon vent pipe.

View examples of garage installs

Chase Routing

Chase runs are the most concealed routing system option. We will inspect your home to assess if chase runs are a viable solution.  

We are radon mitigation insured, certified through NRPP, and compliant with USEPA protocols and all Minnesota building codes that may apply. The system and materials are warrantied for 5 years. Warranties and guarantees are transferable.