External Radon Systems

We offer decorative options for externally routed systems.

External Radon System Installs

Example 1

Example 2

Simple, clean, blended – this system has a RadonAway SF 180 for a sleek look all while bringing the radon levels to 0.6 pCi/L.

Example 3

We placed the fan here because of the fence that was soon to be built which blocks the view of our system from the street. Also, our diagnostics indicated that this would be the best location for our suction point.

Several supports are used along the run to keep the piping tight and secure to the siding. Going through the soffit keeps the run clean and gives the system better efficiency by avoiding unnecessary bends and turns in the pipe which can decrease airflow and give condensation a place to build up causing the system to freeze in the winter.

Example 4

This sump depressurization system is routed to the outside because there was no space for our fan in the attic space. We paint the exhaust point black to help promote snow melt in and around it in the winter time.

Example 5

Because the utility closet was bordering the front corner of the home, we tucked our piping behind the the front of the home, making the radon system nearly invisible!

We are radon mitigation insured, certified through NRPP, and compliant with USEPA protocols and all Minnesota building codes that may apply. The system and materials are warrantied for 5 years. Warranties and Guarantees are transferable.