Keeping homes healthy.

We provide home owners with radon mitigation systems that reduce gas levels and lower health risks.

Benefits of radon systems

Lower health risk

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers, tolling 21,000 US deaths a year and 1 in 64 people exposed.

Reduce moisture

Our systems discharge an average of 2 gallons of water a day (700 gallons a year). Often replacing the need for dehumidifiers.

Speed up home selling

In 2014, the radon disclosure act states homes must be tested for radon and disclose levels with buyers which can delay the selling process.

Strategically concealed radon systems

We take pride in meticulously concealed radon mitigation systems. We will conduct an inspection to find the best solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Our baseline guarantee on all systems is reducing radon to 1.9 pCi/L or below.

Internal Systems

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External Systems

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What our customers say:

“Fantastic! They were here a total of 4 hours. My husband was home at the time and was also very impressed with the work done. They were very professional and did a very thorough job. I would definitely use them again if we were to ever move. Highly recommended!”

Curt Meverden, Homeowner -

“I have used Midwest Radon numerous times since I am a realtor and they are a top notch company. they professional and reasonable. I would highly recommend them.”

Stacy Sullivan, Realtor -

“John and his crew were very friendly and helpful. After they installed the systems, they came back and took Radon readings after a week. Both the house and the cabin had readings of less than 1.0. I was very satisfied with their professionalism and their results. They did a great installation job.”

David Wakefield, Homeowner -

“It went perfectly…especially since our readings came in low and Midwest recommended that no work was needed, we are in the “safe zone”! We were happy to hear that and happy that we weren’t upsold on anything we didn’t need.”

Josh Shonkwiler, Homeowner

Midwest Radon in the News

Our mission speaks for itself and has been recognized across the the midwest.


Health Department Pilot Program Helps With Radon Mitigation

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'Pure relief': Low-income Minnesota families receive no-cost radon mitigation

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